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Python course degree
Certificate, Certification, edegree in Python- Course

Offer : Python-Course + e-Degree

Python is not just a great and wunderful language, Python is still a weapon. 

It is not important, if You like some other languages, you also have to learn Python to have an easy life. I use python in different ways.  On my server I safe time, to progamm a lot of basics stuff. 

With this mini E-Degree, you’ll get:

  • 3 to-the-point modules with a well-defined structure
  • Basics to advanced learning
  • Step-by-step interactive learning from scratch
  • Content curated from renowned Python experts
  • Task-driven curriculum
  • Practical projects covering real-world use cases
  • Exams & quizzes to measure your progress
  • Certificate upon completion
  • 100% online & self-paced curation
  • Expert-verified responses to ensure quality learning
  • Code snippets
  • Lifetime access & update with no limits
  • 100% online & self-paced curation

The Course is splitted in modules.

Module 1 – Python Fundamentals
… because you have to understand all basics

Module 2 – Web Development using Python and Django

And that part is really interesting! 

What You Will Learn

  • How to build web applications with Django
  • How to compartmentalize them to make coding simple 
  • How to use a database with Django to store persistent data
  • How to speed up development by using Django plugins
  • How to unit test and debug your Django application

I still told you, python is a weapon.
Data Science & Machine Learning will be a big part of our future: 

And YES, it is also a part of this cheap course! 

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • How to use SciKit-Learn for Machine Learning
  • How to work with numerical data like arrays and matrix with Numpy
  • How to read, transform and perform basic data Analysis with Pandas
  • How to visualize data with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • What is Regression and how Linear Regression and Logistic Regression work
  • How to use Decision trees and Random Forest and compare the accuracy
  • Supervised learning with Support Vector Machine
  • How to Reduce Dimensions using Principal Component analysis
Python Course and e Degree